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Universal Bottle Clips or also know as Action Clips

The Original water bottle clip

We are the one and only U.B.C Universal Bottle Clips manufacturer.

We have secured the manufacturing and sales for the original Action Clips also know as the Universal Bottle Clip.

Our products are made in the USA by KRS Corporation, LLC in Louisburg KS. KRS has been in business for over twelve years and we hold multiple patents for this and other outstanding products. Our bottle clip is designed to hold a bottle around the neck. Our clips fit 95% or more of the bottles currently used. Our clips come in multiple colors or we can manufacture specific colors for your needs.

We used the clips for years at trade shows, sales and other events. We loved them so much we worked with the inventor and are now the sole authorized manufacturing, distribution, and sales for the Universal Bottle Clips.

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To the left: Customer photo!

How they can be used to help in other ways, sometimes your hands are busy but you want to be able to reach your drink.